there’s something beautiful about a new perception

Stunning, uplifting


September 4th, 8:25PM
It seems that our bodies were made for war, that someday someone, armed with an axe, will come to tear down the trees that you spent years nurturing.
Someday something will start a fire that eats away at the soles of your feet and only thrives with each step.
You’ll feel the disintegration of your heart, with the laceration of each tissue and the abrasion of each ligament. You’ll feel how something once tangible will turn to dust. Your hands will burn as your stomach liquefies through the gaps between your fingers. Your ashen lungs will dry up and no matter how much you breathe, nothing happens. Your corroded mouth will yearn to bathe in a lake of fresh, clean water. Your brain will swell and press against the insides of your skull, making you consider the possibility that something, is in fact, very wrong. Your eyes…

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