Heart Eater | Poetry

Those silly girls

Putting their hearts

Into other people’s mouths

Not expecting them to bite down.


Those silly girls

Pouring their love into

Chalices served on silver platters.

The sound the glass makes as it shatters


Is deafening.

They don’t hear it.

They merely refill the glass

Now they have reached an impasse.


For the Heart

Eater will not drink,

And those silly girls will keep

Pouring and pouring until they fall asleep


In a puddle

Of their own tears.

I can’t understand those girls,

Giving away their polished pearls,


Asking for

Nothing in return.

How do you love a demon

Who cuts you apart while you are screaming.


I never understood those silly girls

Until I met my own Heart Eater.

The way he smiled.

And sang.

And laughed.

It was so much easier

So much sweeter

To put my heart in his mouth

To pour my love into a cup

And forget about his teeth

Biting down, draining the life out of me.

– i am a silly girl












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