From conception to release

After two long arduous years my novel A Violet, Violent Spring has finally been released in paperback format.

Not many novels written during NaNoWriMo get past the editing stages, let alone the publication stage, so I feel a lot of pride in being able to say “I wrote this novel in one month” – though what was completed on November 30th 2015 was only a skeleton of what I have now released. I chose to self-publish this novel because it was written primarily as a work for me. I didn’t expect anyone to read it let alone like it, and I certainly didn’t think I’d publish in paperback – but here we are.

I won’t be disappointed if this book gets bad reviews, or if it fails to sell even a single copy, mostly because I wrote it for myself. What I will choose to traditionally publish (and you can expect that I certainly will), will be cut from an entirely different cloth that you will not even recognize that it is the same author who has written it.

Now that this journey is FINALLY over, I can put my mind to the next big task – MARKETING *shudders*

Until my next novel,



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