A Violet, Violent Spring

Life can get quite hectic for a second year medical student who lives in central London, but Miana Mehra seems to be doing a pretty good job so far. All is well at 37 Evelyn Gardens until Mia meets her neighbour: Eccentric, Asian, and definitely hiding something. Finding herself doing and saying things she normally never would, Miana is in for a strange kind of adventure.

Whether bad or good, remains to be seen.

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The Arrangement

While trying to establish a rapport with her to-be husband, Leah, a recently returned military officer, has to manage her developing affection for the young and innocent Ezra, else fall into a never ending spiral of guilt and sorrow.
Despite not being officially engaged, Leah begins to experience a deep guilt towards her growing love for Ezra, who remains unaware of the weight he is putting on her shoulders. Leah is eventually torn between love and duty, while Ezra is torn between letting go and holding on, even if it will destroy them both.

The Serpent’s Veil

Arabia – Circa 764. In a desert filled with danger, desire, and deception, one girl will meet her fate and move kingdoms.

Al-Khayzuran’s life changes forever when she is kidnapped from her home and taken to a slave market near Mecca. An unlikely and altogether fateful series of events leads her face to face with the gates of the capital, and a young prince on the verge of rising to the seat of Caliph. Thrust into a world of flattery, royalty, intrigue and war, Khaya must learn everything she can, as fast as she can, or leave her fate in the hands of her enemies.

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Notes from my travels…

A collection of travel writing which is less about places and more about introspection. Different things stand out to different people when they see new places; these are some of the things that stood out for me, from Japan to Calais to my own backyard – because I’m a firm believer in the statement “You don’t have to go far from home to travel.”

The First (Short Story)

Joonki is always just going through the motions of high school life. The girl with the good grades, good parents, and good life.
Jisung is always the centre of attention. The boy who never loses. Never flinches. Never falters. National fencer and ball of sunshine.

The unassuming girl. The boy with the scars.

There’s just an ivy plant standing between them.

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