The Serpent’s Veil


Coming Spring 2019

Arabia – Circa 764. In a desert filled with danger, desire, and deception, one girl will meet her fate and move kingdoms.

Al-Khayzuran’s life changes forever when she is kidnapped from her home and taken to a slave market near Mecca. An unlikely and altogether fateful series of events leads her face to face with the gates of the capital, and a young prince on the verge of rising to the seat of Caliph. Thrust into a world of flattery, royalty, intrigue and war, Khaya must learn everything she can, as fast as she can, or leave her fate in the hands of her enemies.

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The Serpent’s Veil is a working title. Other titles for this work are Whispers in the Sand, The Desert’s Whisper, and The Sixth Prayer.